Founded in 2006, Freestyle Films began with the simple mission of improving extreme sports media in South Africa. The gap in this niche soon became glaringly obvious, and over the last 8 years Freestyle Films has continued to challenge and help shape the industry.

Forging relationships with a number of local athletes, what began as short amateur videos in dusty backyards, has turned into some of the country’s most recognizable extreme sports media. Freestyle Films has shot countless videos with industry heavyweights such as RedBull, Monster Energy and GoPro, and accompanied the likes of Nick de Wit & Dallan Goldman, to the Canadian band ‘The Last Supper’ around the world.

Now, Freestyle Films is proud to be able to call itself a key contributor to the extreme sports film industry in South Africa. With specialist knowledge in a number of sports-related film techniques, Freestyle Films can be seen anywhere from drifting tracks and dirt bike races, to ski slopes and music festivals. In addition, the company strives to keep up with new industry trends, and is currently experimenting with parkour, urban exploration and the extremely challenging sport of Downhill Mountain biking. 

Extreme sports are always perceived as passion-driven, and Freestyle Films too embodies this passion as it strives to help capture those fleeting moments of human excellence.